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Product Highlights
Easier exam organizing, tighter process, more objective evaluation.
Based on the exam data of millions of candidates, Oxcoder has crafted an efficient, user-friendly and concise examination system. It can support tens of thousands of candidates for online examination at the same time. Reliable performances, applicable to various situations, and customized deployment is supported. Oxcoder can perfectly meet all kinds of examination needs.
Multiple Deployment Options
Public Clouds
On-demand account purchase, operation and maintenance services provided by professional team, weekly version update, no need for local environment preparation.
Private Clouds
Isolated cloud server environment, high availability, complete network and application isolation, and highly autonomous and controllable data.
Customized Deployment to Local Server
Localized deployment based on Linux / windows, support highly available clusters, quick elastic extension, and highly autonomous and controllable data.
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Completeness/A Whole Process
Managements to test paper, examination, notification, marking, and test item bank.A complete examination service.
Information that candidates need to fill in is customized based on your requirements.Flexible connecting to third-party management systems.
Reliability/High Concurrency
Stable and reliable question answering system.Supporting ten thousand people to answer at the same time.
Answering in Convenience/Multiple Terminals
Supporting both computer and mobile phone to answer.Taking the exam anytime and anywhere, supported by a variety of devices.
Immediate Scoring/Dynamic Ranking
Automatic scoring in various question types.Clear results of the exam.
Data Analysis/Flexible Presentation
Multidimensional analysis of test data.Flexible presentation as your requirements.
Comprehensive Services
Customized test item bank for clients.
One-click setup and engineer-aided debugging.
Teaching videos on delivering training and system usage.